I just updated my reel with a few new pieces; if you would like to see more of the latest please check out the work section of the site. Thank you and please enjoy.

Shot list:

spot:01 ( Rabbids) modeled, textured, and rigged the mummy, along with ground sculpting and displacement.
spot:02 (Sony: PSP) lighting, texturing, shading, and animation of PSP.
spot:03 ( League of Legends) animation, and shading of the hologram.
spot:04 (Fiat: No dream limit) I modeled the vehicles and other environment assets.
spot:05 (Mazda: cookie cutter) modeling, animation, texturing, shading, lighting, and comping of the entire spot.( to view the entire spot please go to the work section of the site.)
spot:06 (UFC) blendshape facial animation.
spot:07 ( league of legends) modeling, texturing, and shading of environments and assets.
spot:08 (Barnes and Noble: nook) animation of the nook tablets.
spot:09 ( Aleve) modeling and shattering of the concrete assets. I shattered all of the concrete objects dynamically using a plugin for Maya called DMM.

view all of the spots and more in the work section of the site. Thank you.